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Easter PYO Full Set - Embosser Stamp & Cutter Set

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Our Easter PYO set is the perfect solution for putting together the ultimate treat box and includes 5 stamps and 3 cutters (combined RRP £34). Included in this set is;

x1 - Happy Easter Stamp

x1 - Let's Hunt Stamp

x1 - Bunny Stamp

x1 - Bunny Cutter

x1 - Chick Stamp

x1 - Chick Cutter

x1 - Sheep Stamp

x1 - Sheep Cutter

All stamps in this set are unique to this PYO collection and will not be sold separately. 

How does it work? 

1.) Roll out your fondant icing to the desired thickness.

2.) Lightly dust the top of your fondant and the stamp with icing sugar - this will prevent the stamp from sticking to your fondant icing. 

3.) Locate where you want the design to go and gently push down on the stamp.

4.) Remove the stamp gently by using the tab at the top. 

5.) Finally, use your cookie cutter to cut the desired shape around the design and apply it to your baked treats!

How to look after and store your Sugar Stamps:

All our stamps are made using high-grade PLA but to make sure you get the most from your Sugar Stamp it's important to take good care of it. We recommend you wash it using warm water and soap after each use. 

Some of our designs are very intricate and complex which can cause the PLA to be weaker in certain parts (small dots, shapes, thin text etc...) so we highly recommend not to towel dry your Sugar Stamp in case you accidentally pull off some of the design. Instead, we advise that you let your Sugar Stamp dry naturally in the drying rack then stored somewhere safe and out of direct sunlight.


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