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Deluxe Stamps are manufactured by us in the UK using extra thick frosted acrylic to help you achieve deeper and smoother impressions when used with fondant. These are by far our most premium product in both design and quality and totally exclusive to Sugar Stamp!

This stamp works perfectly with a variety of our cookie cutters which are available to purchase separately by clicking here.

How to use these stamps? 

1.) Roll out your fondant icing slightly thicker than normal (because we will be compressing it slightly during the process). 

2.) Dust the top of your fondant and the embosser stamp with icing sugar - this will prevent the stamp from sticking to your fondant icing. 

3.) Locate where you want the design to go and place the stamp on top with the engraved side face down (you can also do this the opposite way by placing the fondant icing on top of the stamp, we find this gives a slightly deeper impression).

4.) Using a rolling pin, roll over the top of the stamp applying gentle and even pressure so that the fondant can work its way into the raised part of the design. Do this over 4-5 passes focussing on the area which will be raised. 

5.) Gently pull the stamp away to reveal the design. 

6.) Use a soft brush to remove any excess icing sugar from the fondant and smooth any imperfections using the tip of your finger in a circular motion to smooth out your fondant. 

7.) Finally, use a cookie cutter to cut around the shape. 


All our stamps are made using high quality food-grade acrylic but to make sure you get the most from your Sugar Stamp it's important to take good care of it. We recommend you wash it using warm water and soap after each use. 

Please note: We recommend washing your reverse stamp before first use to remove any unwanted dust particles left behind during production. 


This Deluxe stamp is approx 9.5cm x 7.1cm and comes included with the cutter.

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