Sugar Scrape Metal Cake Scraper - Style 25 (Wide Scallop)

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Style 25 is a metal double edged cake scraper and is the quickest way to give your cake a professional finish.

Simply cover your cake with a generous amount of buttercream, ganache, icing, chocolate or frosting, hold the scraper vertically against your cake and run the straight edge around the edge. 

WARNING: PLEASE TAKE CARE - IT IS SHARP. Please keep out of reach from children and handle with care when using your cake scraper as it has sharp edges.

After you have finished using your cake scraper, simply wash it in warm soapy water with and store in a safe place. Metal cake scrapers are not dishwasher safe and it not advised to use any abrasive materials such as scourers to clean it. 


This scraper is approx. 9in high x 3.2in wide.

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